See what questions my clients are asking...

What if there is inclement weather?

               In case of inclement weather that would                     prevent Taylor’d Weddings from shooting                   and cause potential damage to equipment                 the client will receive a full refund of their                 deposit.

How long does post-production usually take following my wedding day?

               Gold Package: 5-6 Weeks                  

                Silver Package: 3-4 Weeks

Will I get a chance to make any changes to my wedding video?

            Yes, following post-production you will                        receive a private link to your video for you                to review and request for changes to be                        made before final delivery.  Each package                    includes one round of revisions.  Any                            further rounds of revisions will incur                            additional costs.

How much would a full
docu-style video of the
ceremony cost?

The price for full coverage and edit will vary based on the estimated duration of the ceremony.  Happy to discuss if this is something you are interested in!

What coverage will you get on my wedding day?

You will receive a form prior to the day of production to select your preference of film coverage, audio, and music for the background track(s).  You will also be asked to list the names bridal party members and close family members that you would like to see in your video.